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2008 Kids

Here are the kids that were born this year so far.

Caramel's three boys

Molly's three boys

Kadi's single buck, Titan

Mary's little girl, Marlena

Raven's twin boys

April's triplets, Jersey, Lizzi and Layla
Unfortunately these are April's last kids, she died the day after kidding from complications.  RIP my sweet April.

Muriel's little girl, Mia

Hazel's little girl, Zip

Gertie's little girl, Izzi

Tillie's two boys
I forgot to take a picture of her third boy, he is black with tan trim

Martha's triplets, a girl and two boys
The girl, Splash, is the one with the lighter colored head

Joni's little girl, Jane Doe

Anna's twin boys, Sinbad and Storm