Sandy Lane Dairy Goats

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Our Feed Recipe

I've been getting so many people asking for our feed recipe, so I figured I should just post it here. Our 13% ration is:
160 lbs of Steam Rolled Barley
160 lbs of Oats
10 lbs of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds(BOSS)
5lbs of Redman Salt(if you free choice salt, then don't add it to the feed)
1lb of Brewers yeast
25 lbs of Wheat Bran
We feed this mix to all of our goats, dairy and meat, dry does, milking does and bucks. We have found that the mix has to be half barley half oats otherwise the girls don't milk as well. Barley=milk. I know it is only 13% protien, but we have been using this mix for 2 years now and have had great success with it. Our kids have very fast weight gain, our milkers consistently milk a gallon + a day, and everybody stays in great condition. We also free choice water, alfalfa/grass mix hay, goat minerals, kelp, baking soda and salt. For feeding, we feed 1 lb of food to milkers for every 3 lbs of milk they produce, plus 1 lb for body condition.