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Some Homeopathy Success Stories

    They say that with goat raising, you have a great time 95% of the time, and that other 5% just really really sucks.  Today I'm going to share some of the stories about the success we've had with homeopathy.
    Last year, we had a boer doeling that got copper toxicity.  She had went off of feed, was grinding her teeth, and had yellow eyelids.  We called the vet and he prescribed Nux Vomica 30c 2-3 times a day to detoxify her liver and to help get all the poisons out.  In 1 week, she was back eating again and back to normal.  Normally, goats with copper toxicity have a really hard time recovering, and if they do it can take as long as a couple months.  We no longer give supplemental copper to goats under a year of age.
    Back in April, we chemically wormed all of our does with a triple dose of Safeguard and we now just follow up with a combination of a homeopathic wormer and an herbal wormer.  Anyway, we only wormed the adults and we just thought the kids could get it through the milk.  A couple weeks later, half of the kids came up with really bad bottle jaw.  Normally there is a balance between the solids in blood (like blood cells) and the plasma/fluid part.  In a wormy goat or sheep, the worms are "eating" that solid portion and the body produces more fluid in an attempt to balance the amount of blood in the body.  The bottle jaw is edema from the excess fluid.  As soon as we saw the bottle jaw, we immediately started to give the kids Nux Vomica 30c in the morning, Urtica Urens 30c at lunch, and Calc Phos 30c in the evening.  Pretty soon, everybody's bottle jaw went away, except for a LaMancha doe.  She still had a pretty good sized lump on her throat.  Here is a picture of it:

    We treated her for bottle jaw like the rest of the kids, after 2 months it didn't go away.  Then we tried Iodum to see if she had iodine deficiency and that didn't help.  We then gave her Silicea 30c and within a week it was gone.
    Gabby went off of her feed in early June.  The next morning, she went from giving the regular 4lbs of milk to 1.5lbs.  She was spitting up her cud, she couldn't chew it and was on the verge of diarrehha. We immediately started B Complex and Thiamin shots and gave her Nux Vomica 30c to detoxify her and to try and get any poisons out of her.  I diagnosed her with acidosis, which is pretty common in the summertime.  We called the vet, he said to give her Phosphorus 30c 3x a day, keep up the B/thiamin shots, and to drench her with 1 tbsp Milk of Magnesia and 1 tbsp olive oil 3-4 times a day.  We did this and in 4 days she was all better and back to milking 9lbs a day.  Anytime we have a goat go off of feed, we give them 6ccs of B complex Sub-Q and they are ok.
    One night all of the sudden we had one of our boer buck kids, he was running around screaming, running into things like he was blind, and running around in a circle.  I immediatly gave him 1.5 ccs of thiamin, 2ccs of B complex, 7ccs of penicillin G(to treat if it was listeriosis) and 6ccs of charcoal.  I also gave him Belladonna it was a low dose, but I gave it to him every 5 minutes.  After the first 2 doses, he stopped screaming and went to sleep.  I gave him Belladonna because we have nightshade in the forest, and the Belladonna would have taken care of him if he had eaten a little.  The next morning, he was fine, chewing his cud, walking a little stiff but that is ok.  I continued to give him pen G and thiamin/B for 5 days just to be sure.
    Those are just some of the stories I wanted to share.  I want to say, just because this worked for me does not guarantee it will work for you.  Every animal is different and each remedy has different symptoms that do not always fit the animals illness.  Homeopathy is based on the principle of like cures like.  With homeopathy, especially with beginners you should always practice with a licensed professional who can guide you on your way.  If you would like contact info for our vet, Dr. Shaeffer, please email me at